The Essentialist creates capsule collections and bespoke pieces that venerate inherently luxurious, materials.

Slow Design

The Essentialist seeks to redefine standard industry practices and challenge seasonal consumer cycles, forging a highly considered approach with respect for people and the planet. We create capsule collections and bespoke pieces that venerate inherently luxurious natural materials and support the exceptional Savoir Faire of our artisans. Working with incredibly skilled stone masons all around the world, we seek to foster the preservation of their time honed skills.


Inspired to use our platform to promote meaningful and enduring change, The Essentialist was established as a tribute to the ecosystem, the natural landscape, and all of its inhabitants.

Adopting a made-to-order chain of command, The Essentialist minimises product waste and ensures production practices are limited to orders only, reducing our footprint and allowing for greater environmental care.

Each micro-phase of The Essentialist journey from the depths of the Italian mountains to the intimate corners of your home, is a carefully curated symphony of ethical production, worker well-being and economic impact.

Marble Stone Console Table


Perpetuating a savoir-faire means daring to be innovative and respecting the subtle art of furniture making.

Sourcing the finest stone, embellished with the curvature and veins of European legacy, ensures each object is made with exquisitely pure, raw material, and carved to unique perfection - as no single piece of marble is the same in true haute-couture fashion.

Seeking to disintergrate the fast paced nature of consumerist ideology, The Essentialist positions sustainability and longevity at the core of our process. The future-orientated design and ecological production of our pieces results in an innately timeless collection made to be cherished by future generations.