Natural stone is an incredibly durable and resistant stone, but even rocks aren’t indestructible. To best care for your Essentialist piece and preserve its timelessness and integrity, regular gentle cleaning is necessary. 

Natural Stone Must Be Sealed

Natural stone is a truly everlasting, hardwearing and robust material. With a little care, your piece will retain its natural beauty for lifetimes. Like any natural material, there is a unique beauty and character that comes with its patina. That is, the changes in appearance brought about by use and your daily life.

Use a PH Neutral Stoner Cleanser 
A PH Neutral stone cleaning solution wiped down with a wet, soft dish towel, and then dried with an absorbent towel, is all your natural stone needs to maintain its exquisite composition. The products we recommend are that will buildup the sealant on the stone over time to continuously protect it are:

- Lithofin Easy Clean

- Lithofin Power Clean 

Acid is the enemy of marble surfaces, as acidic substances can etch into the surface and leave the stone looking dull. Any type of acidic or abrasive cleaner such as bleach and vinegar should be avoided, as well as harsh scrubbing pads.

Our marble is an authentic and raw extension of the earth, and as such, it must be protected from harsh stains such as red wine. Should any stains occur, be sure to wipe them down as soon as possible with warm distilled water, so your piece can last a lifetime. 

Lifting and moving your piece

Be sure to always move marble with care. While marble is heavy, it can be subject to density variation so supporting your piece from the centre is pivotal in ensuring its integrity and stability. Never drag your piece across the floor, as this will put pressure on the connection junctions and could result in damage to the piece.

Make sure you have help on hand to lift anything heavier than 50kg. 

Maintaining Polished finishes

To maintain the glossy finish of the polished surface we recommend using lithofin polish cream every 7-8 months. The polish will enhance stone surfaces, providing additional gloss and protection. 

Maintaining Honed and Leather Finishes

To maintain the luminous matte qualities honed and Leather finishes, applying lithofin stain stop to the surface will protect the surface for years to come, this special impregnator optimally protects absorbent, stain-sensitive natural and engineered stone surfaces against staining. Largely prevents penetration of oil, grease and water and makes further maintenance easier.