The Essentialist crafts capsule collections and bespoke pieces that balance light, geometry, texture and colour.


The Essentialist is an interior design studio based in Vaucluse, Sydney Australia. The Essentialist empowers through design with an avant garde aesthetic and material sensuality.

It’s all about timeless, handcrafted pieces that are intentional and deliberate, where the beauty in the raw material sits the forefront of inspiration.


Exquisite and rare natural stones sourced from the depths of the Italian and Greek mountains, that over time intimately reveal their wonders.

They are transmuted into pieces that are at once timeless, sophisticated and reflective of a deep, creative narrative.

Every stone bears its own character and uniqueness, lacing every piece with its own uniqueness and individuality.  


The Essentialist is the collaborative creation between two childhood friends Isabella Rose Wildey and Shylee Barhom. Informed by respective roots in fashion and textile design, combined with a background in commerce and education, we found common grounds in a mutual pursuit for timeless furniture and interiors that redefine the industry benchmark. 

The Essentialist was founded with the vision to contribute to a sustainable, made to order business model within the furniture industry, blending design with conscious luxury and environmental responsibility.